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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program?
The program is a partnership between the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Salt Lake City and is similar to the current Eco-Pass program offered by UTA to businesses and institutions like the University of Utah and Westminster College. Under the City program, any Salt Lake City resident will be able to purchase a one-year transit pass, good on FrontRunner, the S-Line streetcar, TRAX, and all bus service (not including Park City Connect or Ski Bus). Purchase price is $350 for residents who pay for the pass in full, or $30/month for 12 months for those who would like to spread out the cost.

How much do I save?
Even for those who make only intermittent use of transit, the cost savings are significant. Just six round trips in a month cover the cost of the pass. For those who use transit regularly and are currently paying single fares or purchasing a monthly UTA pass, savings add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of the year.

What should I bring to purchase my pass?

  1. A valid driver’s license, state-issued ID card, passport (with photocopy of ID page) or other federally-issued IDs including green cards.
  2. Proof of Residency:
    - A Lease or Rental Agreement, or
    - County Tax Bill or Assessment, or
    - 2 pieces of formal mail with your name and home address
    Minors should be accompanied by a parent or guardian and have a driver’s license, school ID or other credible form of identification.
  3. Payment – credit card, check or money order. Cash will only be accepted at the City & County Building and Public Utilities permanent locations.

Find out if you are a qualifying resident.

I want to pay on a monthly basis. How does that work?
Starting your monthly payment agreement is easy. We’ll require a $30 deposit and your first month’s payment. After that, you’ll receive a monthly bill in the mail, or if you sign up for an auto-deduction each month that will replace the paper bill. The important part is that you keep your agreement and complete a year of payments.

Where can I buy a pass?
We currently have three permanent locations. Check here for a schedule special purchase opportunities.

When can I buy a pass?
They are on sale now.

How do I renew my pass?
Great question. The Resident Pass Program is the first of its kind, not just in Utah, but in the country. We’ll be piloting this new program for one year, working hard to ensure its success and are confident this will be an ongoing opportunity for Salt Lake City residents. When we’re closer to that one-year anniversary, we’ll know if the program will continue and will provide an easy renewal process for current pass holders.

What do I do if I lose my card?
To get a replacement Hive Pass, you will need to bring the following to either Salt Lake City Public Utilities or the City & County Building locations during business hours:

  • $10 fee
  • Photo ID and proof of residency documents (just like when you purchased your card)
When you receive your replacement card, your lost card will be deactivated.

I work in Salt Lake City, but am not a resident. Can I still get a pass?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. But there are other great pass programs available directly through UTA.

I want to buy a pass for myself, my spouse and my kids. Is there a limit to how many passes I can purchase? Can we share passes?
To the first question, there is no per-household limit on pass purchases. Every resident of a household – family members or roommates – are eligible to buy a pass. On the second question, you may not share your City pass. Each resident pass is exclusive to the pass holder and every pass will be printed with the name and photograph of the purchaser.

Is there a discounted pass for people with disabilities or seniors? 
No.  People with disabilities and seniors who qualify for UTA’s “Reduced Fair” program may purchase a monthly pass from UTA for $41.75 per month.  However, a Salt Lake City resident that purchases the annual Hive Pass, with a monthly cost of $30 per month, receives a greater discount.  The City meets ADA requirements by ensuring that people with disabilities have equal access to this program.  All locations where the Hive Pass is available for purchase are wheelchair accessible.  To request an ADA accommodation for acquiring a Hive Pass, please contact Salt Lake City ADA Coordinator Michael Stott at 801-535-7976 or

As a Salt Lake City taxpayer, am I already paying a subsidy for this discounted pass?
No. The price paid by the pass purchaser is the price the City will pay to UTA. The program, however, does come with startup costs that are being financed through the City’s general fund. Most of these costs will be one-time outlays. We expect very modest administrative costs once the program is up and running.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here?
Send an email or call (801) 596-RIDE (7433).

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